Ashley Hallihan is an established Casting Director with her fingers on the pulse of the Toronto film industry, with projects spanning feature films, television, music videos, commercials, and everything in between.


Ashley has taken Hallihan Casting from ‘local upstart’ to ‘trusted Toronto mainstay’ over the past several years, having earned the trust of the film community through both her talent expertise and commitment to collaboration. Covering much more than merely sourcing talent, Hallihan Casting matches the right people with the right projects, advising beyond the audition room and developing the trusting relationship inherent in taking any project from concept to screen.


Ashley invests herself fully in every aspect of the industry, working with creatives to find their ideal project and assisting them as they realize their vision. Be it serving as a juror at the Canadian Screen Awards or producing her own projects independently (such as the Award-Winning short film “Next Stop”), Ashley prides herself on being aware and abreast of any up-and-coming talent, in every corner of the business.


The undeniable value of the Hallihan Casting commitment can be seen in the upcoming Feature films "Strange But True" (with Producer Fred Berger 'La La Land) and ‘Paper Year’ (with Rebbeca Addleman, ‘New Girl’).